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Angelitas’ Story.
Jul 11

Angelitas’ Story.

Something Rob and I have noticed, is Reid’s Place is turning into a life celebration venue.

It is not uncommon for us to have return guests, or new guest who say to us: “my parents were married at Reid’s Place” or “I was a Bridesmaid at my Aunt’s wedding here at Reid’s Place.” And here these lovely guests return to Reid’s Place to celebrate their own wedding, bridal shower or high tea celebration.

Nothing pleases and amazes Rob and I more than to see this complete family circle of life celebrations and Reid’s Place sharing in that moment time, and time again. We truly must be doing something right!

We had a lovely baby shower at Reid’s place in late May this year. Organised by Angelita, a very excited Grandmother “to – be”. The High Tea Baby Shower was beautiful and fun. Angelita made her way over to me and explained such a lovely story to both Rob and me.

Angelita said that the last time she was at Reid’s Place was for her own wedding day in 1996 to her husband Norbet. Joshua their son, also at the wedding, was only a baby – three months old.
Joshua is now all grown up and is soon to be a father to a baby boy – hence the baby shower high tea party. Angelita says she has a photo of herself, Joshua and her husband Norbert on their wedding day at Reid’s Place in 1996 sitting on the love swing!
At the May baby shower, we just had to take another photo of Angelita, Norbert and Joshua, who was last photographed at Reid’s Place at 3 months of age, now becoming a father very soon.

What a wonderful story don’t you agree? This is what keeps Rob and I so motivated to exceed all our guest’s dreams and expectations at Reid’s Place. It is why we believe guests choose to return and celebrate other special, family milestones and moments. We seem to be a “generation -less” celebration venue.

Let us tell your story at Reid’s Place. Celebrate with us. Garden Chapel Wedding Ceremonies, High Tea Party’s for all special life occasions. Reid’s Place is truly your place.

Photo used with permission from the Maier Family.

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